The Yoga House

The Yoga House, by creator and yoga instructor Allie Ducharme, is a community space for a collective of entrepreneurs, artists and energy healers in Walkerville (one of our favourite neighbourhoods, also recently named ‘One of the coolest in North America). The space itself was established in a 1920’s American Foursquare-style home on Argyle Road. Its welcoming front porch, light-filled rooms and pared-back interior design were often seen as a haughty ‘tip of the nose’ to the Victorian architecture era of the time. Ducharme initially started the Yoga House as a hub for creative exploration with luma and chromatherapy yoga. Now, the brand continues to evolve with creativity, collaboration and wellness at the forefront as it settles into this post-pandemic world with online workshops, yoga in the park, and artists and wellness studios.

For Allie, the importance of a multidisciplinary space was inspired by her travels in Vietnam. After returning, she longed for a place that she could feel a connection to, a place that felt like a real home. On the road, she found a sense of comfort in her yoga practice and in the studios in a world that seemed to be getting further away from human-centric collaboration and well-being. That feeling of belonging, even in a foreign place, sparked a strong urgency for her to come back to Windsor and create an open space for others to share and collaborate. Allie has cultivated a deep understanding that not only are we all connected and influenced by others in subtle ways, but that a sense of belonging, security and safety are at the core of our basic human need for a balanced and harmonious life.

Whether you’re a professional writer, international art student or a reiki master, and you find yourself looking for a safe place for your art or practice… this is it! Also, for those of us who are looking to keep active this summer, watch out for yoga in the park, yoga retreats, private and couples classes on their socials.

We attended a Yin yoga pop-up with chromatherapy in the Firehall this winter and it was the most perfect way to wind down and relax after a long workday. Looking forward to seeing where the Yoga House pops up next!

Contact Information:

  1167 Argyle Road, N8Y 3K2
  The Yoga House



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