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Bad Girl Hair

To us, Ford City’s Bad Girl Hair is so much more than the trendiest place in town for a cut and colour. Owner, Colleen Bryant’s salon is the result of taking a giant leap of faith on a run-down house, requiring a huge renovation (and lots of patience). As the listing agents of the property, we saw the potential in her vision for the space and are beyond excited to have played a small part in seeing her dreams come to fruition. To the surprise of many, this little house on Drouillard Rd. has become the ideal headquarters for the female collective of stylists and beauticians that offer a variety of personal care services in one of Windsor’s core neighbourhoods.

From the onset of the project, Colleen had a very clear concept for how she wanted the space to look and feel – practical, white on white, with a mix of vintage. After 19 years in the business, and a ton of fun working in many higher-energy salons, she knew it was time to get away from the busy, bumping environment and florescent lighting to create more of a calm, minimal and controlled environment. As a busy, single mom of 3 children, Colleen is a vocal advocate for the importance of self-care and Bad Girl Hair personifies her belief that you can take care of yourself while still being a bit gritty and eclectic.

Colleen and her crew of ‘bad girls’ stock specific products that are clean and cruelty-free. For bookings or more information get in touch directly.

Contact Information:

• 1059 Drouillard Rd. Windsor, ON

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