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Anchor Coffee House

Having a sophisticated coffee experience in Windsor was almost unheard of before Anchor Coffee House opened up their first location on Huron Line in 2014. Their vision of offering expertly prepared, quality beans served with perfectly frothed milk and latte art, created a cozy community for coffee lovers in a city of drive-thrus and ‘double-doubles’.

For far too many years Windsor’s coffee culture (or lack thereof) was based around which Timmy’s was the fastest on a hurried scoot to work. Visionaries and coffee-couple Rachel & Kyle Bondy knew that YQG deserved more than frozen fritters and preservative-laden beverages, so they partnered with their friend Ryan Larocque to create a café experience that would raise the bar and even turn the ol’ diehards into artisanal coffee lovers.

It came as a surprise to some, but the local community truly embraced the new café – enough that they were able to expand within their first 5 years of business. Thankfully so, as Walkerville, Windsor’s trendiest neighborhood, wouldn’t be what it is today without a relaxing spot to sip the afternoon away.

But the success of a bigger city café experience extends far beyond what’s in your cup. If you haven’t treated yourself to an Anchor Coffee House scone yet, you aren’t living! Everything they make is off-the-charts fresh, thanks to lead Baxter Rachel and her team’s early hours in the kitchen.

Extensive travel to cafés throughout the world has helped the couple to hone in on their high bar for quality and precision. They quickly became passionate about the intricacies behind different coffee and baking practices found throughout Europe, Australia, and Toronto. Everything they offer is made in house, from scratch, with zero preservatives and often, hard-to-find, wait-listed ingredients like Australian Oat milk. From a lengthy convo with Kyle about how many scary chemicals are hidden in the mass-produced products we consume, it’s obvious why education is an important part of their business model. It’s easier and cheaper to serve decaf made from beans soaked in formaldehyde, but they use the 100% chemical-free ‘Swiss water process’ even if it costs them a little more because it takes a little longer.

It’s also worth noting that everyone who works at Anchor seems happy…like all the time! We know the owners are great people committed to paying well, but we’re guessing a big part of going to work happy is knowing that everything you serve is made from honest to goodness ingredients and old-fashioned hard work.

Their brick and mortar Walkerville location is serving a rotating, seasonal menu and is open for drop-in, curbside, and delivery.

Contact Information:

  543 Lincoln Rd. Windsor, ON N8Y 2G6
  Anchor Coffee House


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