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Pressure Drop

Windsor’s design-district, Ford City, has recently become home to a little slice of paradise with the doors now officially open at Pressure Drop – a concept café/bar/boutique dripping in laid-back Island vibes. This quaint shop is the brainchild of our friends and clients Mike Weber and Marina Maffessanti, who we met a while back after connecting through the blog about our passions for design and development. They had a unique, and slightly risky vision that warranted some skepticism from the more traditional folks out there, but we are over-the-freaking-moon to say that we could help them find the perfect space to house their coastal-inspired concept shop. Now, Pressure Drop is proof that, with a little imagination and support from the neighbourhood, Drouillard is great place for high-end threads, perfectly curated accessories and superb, yet affordable coffee.

Photos by Emma Davidson

Their concept centres on offering a unique retail destination that raises the bar on brick and mortar shopping by offering an inclusive and elevated experience to their interesting mix of clientele. Their values so clearly reflect their spirit of adventure and the importance of living in the moment. The boutique is thoughtfully stocked with men and women’s clothing from brands like Eve Gravel from Montreal, Amuse Society, Richer PoorerBaughaus Assembly Label  and other brands from California, Australia and Europe. To boot, they also have giftware, paper products, coffee table books and accessories, while also serving up snacks, Jamaican lager, rum and good coffee in rad ceramics – all that remind owners Mike and Marina of a chilled out surf/sail lifestyle they’re so familiar with.

Quite interestingly, Marina was born and raised in Jamaica, and Mike is a Windsor Essex native who spent many years travelling to and sailing around the island of rum, where they met. A big part of their journey to move back to Mike’s hometown is to use their experiences to cultivate a sail and surf community here that helps encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities we have in Essex-County, with all of the local waterways we have access to. They feel its a damn shame that a ‘perceived cost barrier’ seems to exist here, preventing people from really spending more time on the water. They’re excited to have a space where they can expose the reality that, in fact, it’s much more attainable than you might think. They’ll be hosting events and talks on this topic as well as organizing group surf trips to places like Kincardine, Bayfield and the Caribbean.

Their interior is a splash of cool shades and soft lines with custom features like this swirling bar, handmade by a skate ramp builder, Ramped Construction out of neighbouring Detroit. The space offers their customers a retreat and a sweet moment in time, like a wave that pulls you in, then propels you forward – that’s exactly how Mike and Marina roll, not only riding waves but making them too.

Visit Pressure Drop this weekend for their official grand opening event and to hear more about their big plans to expand the 1980s poolside Miami meets Melbourne experience to the lot next door with a patio and food truck.

Contact Information:

 1055 Drouillard, Windsor N8Y2P8
 Pressure Drop


Stephanie is a licensed Realtor®, design enthusiast, and real estate investor with a passion for restoration and urban development.

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  1. With wide open arms, welcome to Ford City! Wonderful to see this historic building respectfully revived with such a unique and environmentally friendly small business.