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Nooch – A Vegan Eatery

Vegans, and the more health conscious of us, often have a rough go finding options in a city famous for its pizza. But thanks to Nooch, South Windsor’s latest addition to a rapidly growing dining scene, those in search of healthy alternatives to well-known comfort foods won’t be going hungry any time soon!

Photos by Emma Davidson Photographer – Emma Davidson Photographer

The idea for this vegan eatery began as a collaboration between two couples from the Windsor area who have always shared a love of cooking and getting together on weekends to experiment with vegan versions of their favourite recipes. Keith Uruski and Stephanie Chamko, pictured above, have been vegetarian for 10 years and had recently become vegan before the idea for Nooch was born. On one of their culinary journeys, with their partners and vegan-lifers, Mary Farrell and Chris Farrell, they were introduced to the environmentally conscious restaurant, Watercourse Foods in Denver – eventually becoming a massive inspiration for their approach to alternative comfort foods. After returning home, they recognized a need to satisfy the rapidly growing vegan lifestyle in Windsor. Since opening, the city has been embracing the quartet’s mix of passion for pairing inventive fare and libations with a healthier lifestyle.

The average Windsorite may be clued into #whatveganseat, but Nooch proves that being vegan is much, much more than avocado on toast. The clever name Nooch is short for nutritional yeast, a core ingredient used to add flavour to many vegan dishes. We’ve seen it used in many ways before but never with such tasty creativity. Honestly, we were not missing the original versions of pub favourites like their Cheesy Noodles, Buffalo Bites and a loaded Fries Supreme. Amongst their hearty options, they use lesser-known ingredients, like Jackfruit, that mimic the texture and taste of pulled pork. All of their high protein, meat alternative/seitan is made in house and that could be one of the contributing factors to their ability to knock a ‘knock-off’ out of the park with their fan favourite, the Big Mock.

Although many may equate being vegan with being uber healthy, Keith, Stephanie, Mary and Chris created their eatery to be a foodie, indulgent experience, not just another salad bar. We’ll definitely be dining on the regular!

Contact Information:

 350 Cabana Road East, Windsor, N9G1A3
 Nooch. a vegan eatery



Deidre is a Realtor® and community blogger who loves authentic Italian pizza, French red wine and Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore. *All photography by Emma Davidson of Emma Davidson Photography*

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  1. Nooch is amazing ! The owners, the cooks, the servers, and let us not forget the FOOD! Thanks for providing such a great place!

  2. GREAT place to eat! Friendly staff, great service and comfortable atmosphere. Oh, and TRY THE CARROT CAKE!!!!