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Local companies like Leamington’s Dekko Concrete, are not only the creators of beautifully designed, innovative products, they also serve as a reminder that we need not always look to “big cities” for ideas and inspiration. President Scott Springer, together with his wife Beth, have created and patented a timeless product, now found in homes and commercial buildings throughout the world, with a model that all businesses can look up to.

One of the secrets to their success is in the “special sauce” that transforms true concrete into a lightweight alternative. Not only does its portability make it easy to work with, their product can be cut with carpenters tools and can be nailed or screwed to walls. In addition to being heavy and brittle, traditional concrete also scorches at high temperatures, such as from the heat of a burning fire. It was important to Scott, who began his career in the fireplace business, that he could create a fire-safe material to modernize the traditional, more mantle-based style that was prevalent in the area. So, in 2006, with equal parts science and creativity, Dekko Concrete was born.

Each Dekko piece is a custom work of art, such that they’re being recognized by architects and designers throughout the world. To boot, they’re a family-run business and their products are also natural and sustainable – it honestly blows me away that such a great company hasn’t been on the cover of every local magazine. Beth explained, from the beginning they’ve been “on the road visiting local dealers face-to-face and now have clients in NYC, Chicago, Vancouver, California, Texas and even in Australia.” With such a wide referral base, it’s easy to see why they hadn’t needed to advertise locally.

Like many design companies that have found their success outside of Essex-County but continue to manufacture locally, Dekko is expanding. Now that our area has started embracing a more modern aesthetic, Beth and Scott are able to work a bit closer to home, adding more employees and an upcoming relocation to a 15,000 square-foot building.  Some of their recent local jobs include the brewery at the Grove Hotel in Kingsville, “loft brick” in the Walkerville Club Lofts and an 8′ fire bowl in Tecumseh’s Chop House restaurant.

Beth and Scott Springer are local employers who thrive on customer-oriented service and a team environment. They’re also great examples of how taking risks and breaking away from the traditional can create an unimaginable demand. We’ll be collaborating with them more in the future and will be following their move to the new location – we suggest you do too!

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