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Bread Meats Bread

I’ve always said that Windsor was a playground for those with entrepreneurial spirit and Bread Meats Bread may seem to be the perfect embodiment of that fact. Nestled between a strip club and a hair salon in the heart of Downtown Windsor, this craft sandwich bar is serving up a twist on the traditional using locally sourced ingredients.

Owner David Prantera grew up in Windsor but spent years living and working in Dubai as an executive chef for some of the city’s best hotels. Just over a year ago he was designing menus for big time brands like Cartier, now he’s home in Windsor bringing the fruits of his fancy culinary adventures to us.



Sparkling clean glass and subway tile wrap his open air kitchen, which house his spread of impressive tools and ingredients. The combination of butcher block counters and the exposed brick reminds me of rustic delis in Brooklyn and Milan.

The grub and decor seem simple, but are no doubt the result of true creativity and an adherence to strict, high levels of quality. Having spent enough time abroad to know about Italian street food, it’s obvious where he draws his inspiration.

“Give them consistent, good food and they will come” – David

You’re in and out with no need to linger (as you’ll have a sandwich in your hand in less than a few minutes) although there’s something about David’s place that draws you in and beckons you to stay just a few moments longer. I sat down with a glass of Valpolicella and the vegetarian Lisa Simpson sandwich and listened to him chatter with his local customers.

The fan favourite seems to be the Italian Job with lemon gremolata and locally sourced, GMO-free porchetta, from a farmer and butcher in Tilbury. Their magnetic menu changes with the seasons or whenever inspiration strikes – my guess is that will be more often than not.

The glass garage door opens up to a downtown that may be better known for it’s late night falafel and the $2 whiskeys of yesteryear but David, like other small business owners in the area, are committed to a food revolution and the revitalization of our downtown core. “Give them consistent, good food and they will come” is a motto he seems very committed to.

Stay tuned for a summer patio and later hours. Bread Meats Bread also offers catering services and reservations for private functions. David is also the executive chef for Armandos and Xaco Taco.


Contact Information:

  33 Chatham St E, Windsor, N9A 2W2


Deidre is a Realtor® and community blogger who loves authentic Italian pizza, French red wine and Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore. *All photography by Emma Davidson of Emma Davidson Photography*

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